6 Suggestions for Shipping Excellent Artwork

6 Suggestions for Shipping Excellent Artwork

Even when boxes are properly labeled, shipping and sending fine art objects is always risky. Whether a customer is moving overseas or they’re sending artwork to clients, they should take precautions to ensure that pieces get to their destinations safely. Below are a few tips on safe art shipping sacramento.


Choose the Right Boxes


It’s important to have a box cutter available to make neat cuts and fit boxes to oddly-shaped items. While it’s easy to keep different sizes of boxes on hand, if a painting or sculpture is too large, the sender may have to build their own box or consult a local shipping company for packing help.


Use Bubble Wrap and Palette Tape


The latter is a kind of plastic that’s wrapped around a painting to prevent dents and scratches on canvas. Follow the palette tape with bubble wrap, using enough to cushion the piece and fill empty spaces within the shipping box. Get other shipping tips and schedule service at shippingfromsacramento.com.


Mark Items as Fragile


Be sure to put stickers or markings on boxes to let the shipper know to handle packages carefully. As important as this step is, it won’t prevent all damage, so it’s vital to pack things tightly and securely.


Use auto shipping -Quality Packaging Tape


When sealing boxes, use quality tape that sticks well and holds tight the entire time the piece is in transit. If cheap tape is used, the packaging may deteriorate before the item reaches the destination.


Find the Right Container


When shipping paintings, the sender should find boxes that are a minimum of two inches bigger than the item on all sides. Buying boxes a bit bigger leaves plenty of room for cushioning around the edges.


Ask for Help When in Doubt


While it's usually easy to package paintings, sculptures and other fine art objects, some pieces are harder to ship than others are. When a piece is particularly large or oddly shaped, it may be too difficult for a non-expert to handle. Consult auto transport companies shipping service for help and advice on tricky fine art shipments.


Sending fine art can be tricky, but the process can be made simpler by following the tips listed here. When shipping artwork for the first time, contact the pros at www.shippingfromsacramento.com to ensure proper handling and packing. Call today for a free shipping quote or visit the website to find out more about the company’s services.

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