Three Ways A Household Is Alluring To Termites

Three Ways A Household Is Alluring To Termites

rat control who have a termite problem often wonder why these pests have chosen to invade their home. organic pest control have a termite infestation because their house is very appealing to these insects. Read the information below to learn what makes a home attractive to termites and how homeowners can reduce the chance of a termite infestation.


Water Sources


For survival, termites depend on food, shelter and a water source. Some termite species, such as dampwood termites, specifically look for wood that's damp or moist. Many termite infestations occur in homes that have a poor drainage system, leaky pipes inside the house or a wet crawlspace.


To help with termite control, homeowners should regularly inspect their water pipes for leaks and make any necessary repairs. A faulty guttering system that causes puddles of water to form next to the foundation of the house should also be fixed. Individuals who have a crawlspace that never dries out should consider the installation of a moisture barrier.


Available Wood


A major food source for termites is wood and there's a plentiful supply of wood inside a person's house. Before termites enter a home, they'll often start eating on any type of wood product that's outside the home. This often includes dry firewood, landscape mulch and old tree trunks.


If these items are located right next to the foundation of the house, the termites can crawl directly to the house and find an easy entry. When this occurs, these pests will start eating on the wood that's inside the house. To prevent his from happening, individuals must remove any type of wood product that's too close to the foundation.


Easy Entrances


Since termites are so small, they can easily crawl into the house through tiny openings and cracks. Foundation walls often crack over time and these openings in the concrete make it easy for termites to come into the house. Additional ways that termites often get into the house is through cracks in bricks, cracks in door frames and by crawling up wooden deck posts.


Homeowners should periodically inspect their foundation and brickwork for cracks and openings. If any access holes for termites are found, individuals should seal them up with caulk. During an inspection, a pest control technician can also point out areas of the home where termites can easily enter.


By completely eliminating the attractants listed above, homeowners won't have to worry about the threat of termites. Individuals who suspect they already have a termite problem should contact a well-established Pest Control company, such as Ortex. Other services include pest extermination, foundation vent installation, fungus treatments and crawlspace moisture barriers.

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