You Can Now Purchase Pretend Doctor's Notes To Score Sick Days

You Can Now Purchase Pretend Doctor's Notes To Score Sick Days

Whether it is your child's birthday party or the opening day of baseball season, generally you could possibly use a "sick" day. For some folks, faux sick days could possibly be easy to take, but for others, things get difficult if the employer requires a health care provider's note.

A new netsite hopes to assist anybody who needs a doctor's note ASAP because of their abundance of faux notes that look fully real. In the event you opt for a free trial, a pretend physician's phone number and voicemail can also be created for you. And when KATV surveyed strangers to identify the faux letter, almost none of them could.

So how does it all work? In response to the onlinesite, "You get instant online access to over 30 pretend doctor's notes. Edit and print them directly from your private home computer." From there, you should use any of those notes as many occasions as you need them.

While the company strongly guarantees they're "the very best physician's doctors excuse template provider anywhere on the Internet," you are not exactly a click on away from a day without work whenever you want. For starters, there's a possibility of getting in hassle with both your employer or the hospital the letter is making an attempt to mimic. Dr. Heath Nay from Central Arkansas Pressing Care, for example, will not be a fan of the new service.

What if your employer finds out? We're sorry to say, but you can lose your job, warns lawyer Tre Kitchens. "They'll fire you and you will have no recourse against your employer. As far as suing the corporate that provided you the fake documents...I do not think you can efficiently do this anyway."

Although most of the site's testimonials show glowing opinions, it is best to go down this road with warning and, higher yet, save your sick days till you really want them.

I don't condone this motion in any respect, and you recognize, if I do find yourself discovering out about somebody doing this under our clinic's name or my name personally, I'd deal with it like somebody who's trying to put in writing prescriptions beneath my name and we might be reporting it to the authorities for sure.

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